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BS-1000 Series Monocular Zoom Microscope
Mainly used in electronic industry, small precision parts inspection, assembly, repair, especially for observation of surface structure. They also can beapplied to biological anatomy, jewelry inspection and schools academic use.

BS-2000 Series Biological Microscope
Mainly used in biological, histological, pathological field and can be widely used in medical and sanitary establishments, laboratories, institutes, academic laboratories, colleges and universities.

BPM Series Portable Microscope

Mainly used in industrial inspection like liquid, printing, textile, metal and alloy inspection, engineering applications, science applications.

BS-3000 Series Stereo Microscopes

Mainly used in circuit board repair, circuit board inspection, surface mount technology work, electronics inspection, coin collecting, gemology and gemstone setting, engraving, repair and inspection of small parts.

BS-4000 Industrial Inspection Microscope
Mainly used in IT industry for large area integrate circuit, wafer observation and other industrial inspection.

BS-5000 Series Polarizing Microscope
Mainly used in geology, petroleum, coal, chemicals and physic fields, also widely used in academic demonstration and scientific research.

BS-6000 Series Metallurgical Microscope
Mainly used in institutes and laboratories to observe and identify the structure of various metal and alloy, they also can be widely used in electronics, chemical and instrumentation industry.

BS-7000 Series Laboratory Fluorescent Microscope

Mainly used in institutes, laboratories and hospitals to study the absorbing, transportation, chemicals distribution and positioning in cells. They are widely used in disease examination and immune diagnosis.

BS-8000 Series Gemological Microscope
Mainly used in diamonds, emeralds, rubies and all other types of precious stones identification. They are usually used to inspect the authenticity of gemstones and design, produce and repair of jewelry.

Multi-Head Microscope

Mainly used in medical teaching and biological teaching. They also can be used for biological analysis for more experts at the same time. They can bewidely used in medical and sanitary establishments, laboratories, institutes, colleges

and universities.

BSC Series Comparison Microscope

Mainly used in public security bureaus, procuratorates, courts and their colleges to compare and identify the bullet, tool marks, fingerprints, seals, text, signatures, drawings and bank notes.

BLM Series LCD Digital Microscope

With LCD screen, both traditional eyepieces and an LCD screen can be used for convenient and comfortable viewing by yourself or sharing with others. This series can be used in many fields.