Gauss2 Series Industrial Digital Cameras UC320C(MRNN)

Gauss2 Series Industrial Digital Cameras


Gauss2 series industrial digital cameras are middle size digital cameras. With USB2.0 interface, 1.3MP, 3,2MP(only color), 5.0MP color and mono digital cameras are available. These digital cameras have high sensitivity, high dynamic range, rolling shutter, high-speed features with very competitive price. Gauss2  series digital cameras are widely used in machine vision and various image acquisition areas.


1. Aptina series CMOS image sensor, Max. 1/2, rolling shutter;

2. Support 1.3MP@15fps mono/color, 3.0MP@7fps color, 5.0MP@4fps mono/color

3. High-speed USB2.0 interface, up to 480Mb/s, multi cameras can be connected to one PC for high speed image capture;

4. The camera and camera module can work with lens of M12 interface, can reduce the cost and installation space for users;

5. Support users to write the serial number of the camera, provide 1024k space for the configuration data writing;

6. Support users to choose AOI(Area of Interest), the frame rate speed up after cutting;

7. Separate image preview and capture, support SKIP2 /SKIP3/SKIP4/SKIP8 skip mode, the frame rate speed up double after skip;

8. Support binning mode, reduce the noise to be minimum, make the image quality better;

9. The brightness after mode and resolution switchover is the same;

10. Contrast, brightness adjustment, Gamma correction, RGB gain, color reproduction is more realistic;

11. Support still image capture (JPG, BMP) and video capture(AVI, Uncompressed or compressed), image color is rich and vivid;

12. Software control auto white balance, auto exposure, continuous auto exposure;

13. User can program controlwhite balance area, exposure area;

14. Support recovery after pulling out and plug during capture and preview;

15. Support firmware upgrade on-line;

16. Plug and play, no need external power supply, Max. Power consumption is only 2.5W;

17. Support VC, VB, DELPHI, LABVIEW and other development language;

18. Support Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10(32&64 bit) Operation System, can customize Linux-Ubuntu and Android driver;

19. Support 8-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit bitmap preview and capture(Mono cameras support 8-bit bitmap);

20. Provide completed API for users’ secondary development, provide Demo Source Code;

21. Support C-mount interface and customize lens interface;

22. CNC machining high precise aluminum alloy shell, dimension 54x54x45mm, weight 165g;

23. Provide 3 years warranty.


Gauss2 series industrial cameras are mainly designed for machine vision and various image acquisition areas. They are mainly used for following areas:

Medical and life sciences Area

v Microscope Imaging

v Medical diagnosis

v Gel Imaging

v Live Cell Imaging

v Ophthalmology and iris imaging

Industrial Area

v Electronics and semiconductor inspection

v Visual positioning(SMT/AOI/Glue dispenser)

v Surface defect detection

v 3D scanning machine

v Printing quality inspection

v Food and medicine bottles inspection

v Robot welding

v Tag OCR/OCV identification

v Robot arm visual positioning

v Industrial production line monitoring

v Vehicle wheel alignment machine

v Industrial Microscope

v Road toll and traffic monitoring

v High speed vehicle plate image capture

Public security and investigation

v Biometrics

v Fingerprint, palm print image capture

v Facial recognition

v License image capture

v Documents and notes image capture and identification

v Spectroscopy testing equipment






Sensor Model

Aptina MT9T001



Image Sensor


Sensor Size


Effective Pixels


Pixel Size




Max. Resolution

2048 × 1536

Frame Rate


Exposure Mode

Rolling Shutter

Dot Frequency


Dynamic Range


Signal Noise Rate


Frame Buffer


Scan Mode

Progressive Scan

GPIO Control

Yes, optional, Optocoupler isolation GPIO

White Balance

Auto / Manual, software/hardware

Exposure Control

Auto / Manual, software/hardware

Main Function

Image preview, Image Capture(bmp, jpg, tiff), Video Record( compressor is optional)

Programmable Control

Preview FOV AOI, Capture FOV AOI, SKIP/Binning mode, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation,
 Gamma value, color gain, exposure, dead pixels remove, focus evaluation, custom serial number (0 to 255)

Data Output

USB2.0, 480Mb/s

Power Supply

USB2.0 Power Supply, 200-300mA@5V

Compatible Interface

ActiveX, Twain, DirectShow, VFW

Operation System

Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 32&64 bit, Linux-Ubuntu 32&64 bit, ARM Linux


Support VB, VC, C#, DELPHI developing Language, LABVIEW, OPENCV, HALCON, MIL third-party machine vision software

Lens Interface

Standard C-Mount, CS and M12 mount are optional

Work Temperature


Storage Temperature


Camera Dimension


Module Dimension


Camera Weight

Camera is 165g, module is 30g


Equipped with standard infrared filter(not available in mono camera), 3m USB cable with fixing screws, 1 CD with software and SDK.

Box Dimension

118mm×108mm×96mm (length × width × height)

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