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BestScope is a leading optical manufacturer in China with more than 20 years’ experience in Microscopes and Industrial Cameras area.

Pay a lot of efforts, the BestScope® Microscope and Catchbest® Industrial Camera have become the well-known brand all around the world, business covers more than 90 countries and areas.
Running by a strong R&D Team of more than 50 members to develop innovative and customized products. More than 33000 square meters area of workshop and the standardized management ensures the quantity production with high quality.

Our aim is to provide customers cost-effective products with high quality! Provide more than you expected is our consistent mission!

BestScope is becoming a famous international brand of “Microscopes & Industrial Cameras” in the world! BestScope would like to develop together with you!

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Life Science Research

Biological, inverted, fluorescence and stereo Microscopes are mainly used for life science research.

Industry & Manufacturing

Stereo and metallurgical microscopes are mainly used to do electronic product inspection, mobile phone repair and etc.


Biological & stereo microscope are mainly used for biology teaching in primary schools, middle schools and universities.

Environmental Science

Our biological microscope and stereo microscope can be used to study water quality, microorganisms, soil, insects and etc..



  • "2022" Latest R&D Series:BS-2095FMA Motorized Autofocus Inverted Fluorescent Microscope


    BS-2095FMA Motorized Autofocus Inverted Biological Fluorescent Microscope is a research level microscope which is specially designed for medical and health units, universities, research institutes to observe cultured living cells. It adopts an Infinite optical system and ergonomic design.

  • "2022" Latest R&D Series:BS-2085F Motorized Automatic Biological Microscope


    BS-2085F motorized automatic biological microscopes have been designed to present a safe, comfortable and precision observation experience. The motorized X-Y stage and nosepiece, auto focusing, touch screen controller and powerful software will make your works easier. The software has motion controlling, depth of field fusion, objective lens switching, brightness controlling, auto focusing, area scanning, image stitching, 3D imaging functions. Semi-APO objectives and B, G, U, V, R fluorescent filters are available for BS-2085F fluorescent automatic biological microscope. 4pcs slide can be placed on the stage for automatic scanning, a LCD touch screen in front of the microscope, which can show magnification and illumination information. With perfectly performed structure, high-definition optical image and ergonomical operations, 2085F realize professional analysis and meet all the needs of research in biological, medical, life science and other fields.

  • Customer’s Feedbacks on BS-2081 Research Biological Microscope


    BS-2081 series research biological microscopes can be used for professional analysis in biological, medical, life science research field for pathological, disease diagnosis, pharmaceutical applications.


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