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Monocular video microscopes, stereo microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, Polarizing Microscope are mainly used for industrial and manufacturing applications:

1.Monocular video microscopes:

Monocular video microscopes are mainly used for circuit board, wafer, semiconductor, electronics, textile industry, printing inspection, mobile phone inspection and maintenance. This series microscopes could be used as visual inspection, Measuring and Image Processing.

2.Stereo Microscopes

Stereoscopic microscopes are mainly used for material analysis, circuit board, semiconductor, electronics, mobile phone inspection, measuring and maintenance, etc.

3.Metallurgical Microscopes

Metallurgical microscopes are commonly used in industry for metal, alloy, material analysis, quality control and inspection, measuring, viewing thin films and electroplating, inclusions, surface defects and grain size.

4.Polarizing Microscope:

Polarized microscops are primarily used in the field of geology or petrography for the study of rocks and minerals, they also could be used in pharmaceutical industry, medicine, chemistry, fiber inspection, etc . 

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