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OEM Components

The quality and performance of Bestscope components directly affects the success of equipment manufacturers. Our dedicated support team meets today’s most demanding technical and logistical needs.

Bestscope provides optical and mechanical data to assist in the integration of Bestscope components into final product designs. Custom objective lenses and optical assemblies are available when design requirements extend beyond off-the-shelf components.

  • Integration Solutions

    To provide you with unique solutions. Only differentiated products have the most value-added space. From planning, design to manufacturing, you can appreciate the charm of innovation everywhere!

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  • Equipment Integration Solutions

    Through the installation of multi-functional software, the selection of advanced detectors, the installation of higher-performance computers and other accessories, the microscope system integrates modern technology.

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  • Industrial Camera

    We have fully considered the special application requirements of customers in the process of design, manufacturing and integration, thus effectively improving the rationality of space and architecture and making your equipment work more stable.

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Quality Control

Our company got International quality control systems ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and our products got international CE.
We rely on continuous collaborative planning to achieve an optimally configured solution. The development department of our company has many years of design experience in application requirements of various industries, and can provide you with comprehensive pre-sales consultation. Throughout the process-the expert support team will always provide you with one-to-one in-depth services throughout the process, from design drawings to evaluation models, so as to accurately "tailor-make" and ensure that your needs are met.

New machining facility and advanced alignment technology

Comfortable operation with updated and ergonomic design

Compact and flexible,ideally suited for desktop, laboratory worktable

Interpupillary distance can be adjusted to fit for observation

Research Strength

We have a strong scientific research team and invest not less than 5% of the total sales amount to develop new products every year. We have many years of research and development experience in the optical industry and have the industry's top optical research and development and finished product development teams.
At present, there are more than 40 research and development experts and 5 professional appearance designers, who focus on the design of product appearance and provide customers with high-quality products and strong after-sales service.

Cooperation Process

  • Consulting Service

    We promise to answer your questions within 24 hours. Help you to solve problems in 72 hours.

  • Acceptance

    Our sales will provide one-to-one service to you, accept your inquiry and provide you with the best solution.

  • Provide sample

    When the final plan is approved by you, we can send you a sample list for reference.

  • Delivery

    We promise that we will produce immediately after we receive full payment.

After-Sales Service

Technical support

Innovative technology provides you with unique solutions

Ensure upgrades happen correctly

Taking care of preventive maintenance

Answer complex technical questions

Technical Support Plans ServiceCare

A ServiceCare plan will ensure everything possible is done for maximum uptime and minimum disruption.We recommend to invest in regularly scheduled maintenance to help keep systems functioning as they should and performing to the level you expect.

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  • What's the advantages of your company?

    a. We have international quality management system of ISO9001, 
    ISO13485, ISO14001.

    b. CE certificated high quality products.

  • What’s the delivery time of your products? 

    According to your order quantity, Normally it will take 
    3-4 weeks for microscopes,1-2 weeks for cameras.

  • How about your after sale service? 

    We provide 3 years warranty.

    We supply 24 hours on line service, response to any of your problem within 8 hours.

  • How to be your distributor? 

    Send us inquiry immediately, we’ll discuss more details with you.

  • What’s the benefit to be your distributor?

    a. Price superiority, special discount.

    b. Enjoy regional protection policy.

    c. Strategic cooperation, technical cooperation and exhibition cooperation, etc.

  • What is the advantage of BestScope microscopes

    a.We have a strict quality control system can ensure the good quality.

    b.We have wide range of microscopes including almost all kinds of optical microscopes.

    c.We develop several new models every year to meet various requirements.

  • What is the advantage of BestScope cameras?

    a.We have good quality cameras with professional software.

    b.Various sensors are available for USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI, LCD, WIFI cameras.

    c.We develop several new models every year to meet various requirements.