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“2020” The latest product: BS-2025 Series Biological Microscope

01. Jul, 2020


BS-2025 series microscopes are economic, practical and easy to operate. These microscopes adopt LED illumination, which saves energy and have long working life, it is also very comfortable for observation. These microscopes are widely used in educational, academic, agricultural and study field. Rechargeable battery is optional for outdoors operation or places that power supply is not stable.


  1. New machining facility and advanced alignment technology.
  2. Comfortable operation with ergonomic design.
  3. LED light illumination, save energy and long working life.
  4. Compact and flexible, ideally suited for desktop, laboratory worktable.


BS-2025 series microscopes are ideally suited for school biological education and medical analyses area to observe all kinds of slides. They can be widely used in schools, clinics, hospitals, academic labs and scientific research department. 

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