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“2020” Latest R&D Series:BS-2094 Inverted Biological Microscope

02. Jul, 2020


BS-2094 Series Inverted Biological Microscope are high level microscopes which are specially designed for medical and health units, universities, research institutes to observe cultured living cells. With innovative infinite optical system and ergonomic design, they have excellent optical performance and easy to operate features. The microscopes have adopted long life LED lamps as transmitted and fluorescent light source. Digital cameras can be added to the microscope on left side to take photos, videos and make measurement.


The main difference between BS-2094A and BS-2094B is that BS-2094B has an intelligent illumination management system, the illumination intensity will automatically change after you change the objectives and make the microscope to get the best illumination effect, BS-2094B also has a LCD screen to show the working mode like magnification, light intensity, transmitted or fluorescent light source, working or sleep etc.


  1. Excellent infinite optical system, Φ22mm wide field eyepiece, 45° inclined viewing head, more comfortable for observation.
  2. Camera port is on left side, less disturb for operation. Light distribution (both): 100 : 0 (100% for eyepiece); 0 : 100 (100% for camera).
  3. Long working distance condenser N.A. 0.30, Working distance: 75mm(with condenser), Working distance: 187mm (without condenser), available for extra high culture dishes. Condenser is detachable, without condenser, it is suitable for culture flask.
  4. Large size stage, convenient for research. Stage Size: 170mm(X) × 250 (Y)mm, Mechanical stage moving range: 128mm (X) × 80 (Y)mm. 6 types of petri-dish holders are available.
  5. BS-2094B has an intelligent illumination management system.

(1) Coded Quintuple Nosepiece can memorize the illumination brightness of each objective. When different objectives are converted to each other, the light intensity is automatically adjusted to reduce visual fatigue and improve work efficiency.

(2) Use a dimming knob to achieve multiple functions.

Click: Enter standby(sleep) mode

Double click: light intensity lock or unlock

Rotation: Adjust brightness

Press + clockwise rotate: Switch to the transmitted light source

Press + contrarotate: Switch to the fluorescent light source

Press 3 seconds: Set the time of turning off the light after leaving

(3) Display microscope working mode.

The LCD screen in the front of the microscope can display the working mode of the microscope, including magnification, light intensity, sleep mode and so on.

  1. The microscope body is compact, stable and suitable for clean bench. The microscope body has been coated with anti-UV material and can be placed into the clean bench for sterilization under UV lamp.
  2. Phase Contrast, Hoffman Modulation Phase Contrast and 3D Emboss Contrast observation method are available with transmitted illumination.

(1) Phase contrast observation is a microscopic observation technique that produces a high-contrast microscopic image of a transparent sample by utilizing a change in refractive index. The advantage is that the details of live cell imaging can be obtained without staining and fluorescent dyes.

(2) Hoffman Modulation Phase Contrast. With slant light, Hoffman phase contrast changes phase gradient into light intensity variety, it can be used to observe unstained cells and living cells. Giving 3D effect for thick samples, it can greatly reduce the halo in thick specimens.

(3) 3D Emboss Contrast. No need for expensive optical components, just add a contrast adjustment slider to achieve a pseudo 3D glare-free image. Both glass culture dishes or plastic culture dishes can be used.   

  1. LED Fluorescent attachment is optional.

(1) LED light makes fluorescent observation easier.

Fly-eye lens and Kohler illumination have provided a uniform and bright field of view, which is benefit to get high definition images and perfect details. Compared with traditional mercury bulb, the LED lamp has much longer working life, it saves money and has greatly improved the working efficiency. The problems of preheating, cooling and high temperature of mercury lamp has also been solved.

(2) Suitable for a variety of fluorescent dyes.

The LED fluorescent attachment has equipped with 3 fluorescent filter blocks, it can be applied to a wide range of dyes and capture clear high contrast fluorescence images.

(3) Light barrier plate(contrast shield).

The light barrier plate can be attached to the condenser and effectively block the external light, increase the contrast of the fluorescent image and provide a high quality fluorescent image. When need phase contrast observation, the light barrier plate is very convenient to be removed from the light path, avoiding influence on the quality of phase contrast.


BS-2094 series inverted microscopes are used by medical and health units, universities, research institutes for observations of micro-organisms, cells, bacteria and tissue cultivation. They can be used for continuous observation of process of cells, bacteria grow and divide in the culture medium. Videos and images can be taken during the process. These microscopes are widely used in cytology, parasitology, oncology, immunology, genetic engineering, industrial microbiology, botany and other fields.

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