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Team Building In 2023: Colorful Yunnan, Wonderful BestScope!

22. Nov, 2023

BestScope team embarked on an unforgettable tour of Yunnan from November 3rd to 7th. This exciting and interesting journey not only allowed us to enjoy the beautiful scenery of different cities in Yunnan, but also increased the cohesion of our team.

Kunming: A City of Eternal Spring:

Our tour began in Kunming, often referred to as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its mild climate throughout the year. We walked along the Dianchi Lake and watched the sunset together. The beauty of the lake and the mountains is reflected in each other, and it becomes a beautiful moment that we share.

Dali: A City with a Long History:

Our next stop was the historic town of Dali, nestled against the backdrop of the Cangshan Mountains. The ancient architecture of the Dali Old Town and the tranquil Erhai Lake attracted our senses. In particular, we were able to celebrate the birthday of our team members in the beautiful place, which made our trip to Dali even more loving.

Lijiang: A City with Antiquity and Modernity:

Lijiang welcomed us with its well-preserved ancient architecture and cobblestone streets. When night falls, Lijiang Old Town is lighted up and filled with romantic atmosphere. The Blue Moon Valley with Yulong Snow Mountain is like a poem. We successfully reached the summit of Yulong Snow Mountain at an elevation of 4506 meters. Standing on the top of the mountain, we not only enjoyed the natural beauty but also celebrated the victory achieved through our collective efforts.

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