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How do We Observe Microorganisms through Using a Microscope?

07 July 2020

Observing Microorganisms Through a Microscope:

1.Place your slide on your microscope. The slide will sit directly under the objective lens of the microscope. Push down on the back of the stage clip to raise the clip and allow you to place the slide under it. This clip will hold the slide in place while you view your sample.







2.Look through the lens at your sample. When you start, the microscope should be set to the lowest power objective, which is usually 4X or 10X. On the side of the microscope, there is a knob called the coarse adjustment knob. This knob will allow you to move the lens up and down to focus.







3.Adjust the sample to the center of your view. If your sample is not in the center of the viewing field, you can use your fingers to gently move the slide. Be careful not to move too much. Also, take care to only touch the outside of the slide. Fingerprints on the slide can make it difficult to see your sample.
After making this adjustment, you might need to refocus your objective lens slightly using the fine adjustment knob.







4.Adjust the magnification on your microscope. Once you have your sample in focus with the low-powered objective lens, you can use the high powered lens to get a closer look. Change to the high powered lens, but be careful not to let it touch the slide. You may have to refocus slightly when you change lenses. Some microscopes have a fine adjustment knob on the side that is ideal for this.







5.Record what you see. You can use a diary or journal to write down what you see in the microscope. Drawing what you see is another good option. Be sure to include any structures that you notice in your microorganisms.
Some microscopes have the ability to hook up to a laptop and take pictures. This is a great way to capture what you see.

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