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Introduction of our Cameras

06 June 2020

Our wide range of digital cameras provide diverse options for your microscopes, telescopes and Industrial machine vision applications. Our digital cameras including USB2.0, USB3.0 CMOS digital cameras, USB2.0, USB3.0 CCD digital cameras, HDMI digital cameras, VGA digital cameras, WIFI digital cameras and LCD digital cameras.

(1) Microscope

BestScope will work with you to choose and integrate the optimal cameras for your microscopy project. Ideal for use in any laboratory setting, our cameras let you capture high-quality image with your existing microscope equipment.

For microscope camera, high quality adapter will be the key point to ensure the high quality digital image. BestScope has designed many different adapters for different microscopes, such as Zeiss, Nikon, Leica and Olympus through the straight phototube and other microscopes through the 3rd ocular tube or eyepiece tube.

Our microscopy cameras and associated software are designed to offer consistent high-quality image acquisition, performance and processing.

(2) Telescope

BestScope’s cameras also support telescopes. The cameras work perfectly with any kind of optical telescope. The images of the observed object can be accurately displayed on a computer screen. With the software ImageView, it is very convenient to preview live images and to capture still pictures. The powerful advanced software ImageView is included with the camera ensures simple and convenient operation on the captured images.

How do you mount a BestScope’s camera for telescope onto a telescope? It is simple and easy. Remove the eyepiece from the telescope’s ocular tube. Insert a camera with adapter for telescope into the ocular tube and secure it by tightening the locking-screw. Plug the camera into the USB2.0 port on your computer. That’s all!

(3) Machine Vision

BestScope’s experience in the machine vision industry will assist you with selecting and integrating the optimal industrial cameras best suited to your applications. The leading Software Developers Kit (SDK) streamlines and simplify the integration of cameras into your machine vision project.

Along with our wide range of standard CMOS and CCD cameras, we provides custom design services to alter our existing cameras, or creating one for your unique requirements. One of the many advantages of choosing BestScope to supply you and your business is the flexibility to opportunities in an ever-changing global market. With all the choices that are available to you, we ensure you that you’re getting the cameras that will perform high quality. We are pride ourselves on the quality of our digital cameras, including the after sales support that you receive with your purchase. The opportunity to provide you a reliable and innovative leading camera and software solution for your application would be our pleasure.

Camera & Microscope Configuration

(1) Trinocular Digital Microscope

Attach the C-mount camera and Adapter to the straight photo tube.

Attach the C-Mount camera and Adapter to the trinocular tube(23.2mm).

(2) Binocular Digital Microscope

STEP 1: Remove the eyepiece from the ocular tube or eyepiece tube.

STEP 2: Attach (Screw) the camera Adapter to the C-mount camera.

STEP 3: Attach (Insert) the eyepiece camera into the ocular tube or eyepiece tube.

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