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  • What is Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy?

    Confocal microscopy is a technique in optical imaging that uses point illumination via a spatial pinhole to eliminate out of-focus signals. The excitation light in confocal microscopy is usually provided by a laser to generate high intensities of fluorescence or reflectance from the focal spot.

    27 July 2022
  • How to Calculate the Magnification of a Monocular Zoom Microscope?

    In this article, we will discuss the calculation of the magnification for the monocular zoom microscope which with modern design concept, high resolution, long working distance and large magnification. They are mainly used in electronic industry, small precision parts inspection, assembly, repair, especially for observation for surface structure. They can also be applied to biological anatomy, jewelry inspection, and schools academic use.

    27 May 2022
  • How to Connect Your Camera to the Microscope?

    The microscope camera is used to take sample pictures in the microscope observation. It needs to be placed on different types of microscopes through special adapters, and connected to imaging devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets through different data interfaces to achieve the purpose of real-time display of samples in the imaging device. At the same time, the sample image of each observation is captured by the camera, so that the picture and video data can be well saved. The microscope camera can also do image measurement and image analysis, which will be of great help to daily inspection, inspection work, manufacturing, scientific research and paper writing.

    29 April 2022
  • How to Choose a Microscope?

    This article aims to help you to fast and correctly choose an optical microscope. During the purchase process, you will see extensive information, which come in different brands, with prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. So how do we choose a microscope?

    25 March 2022
  • Different Types of Optical Microscopes

    This article will provide detailed classification based on the different characteristics of microscopes.

    01 March 2022
  • How to Calculate the Magnification of a Microscope?

    A microscope is an instrument mainly used to magnify tiny objects for the human eye to see. Optical microscopes can magnify objects upto 3000x (generally is 1000x), and the minimum resolution limit is 0.1 microns.

    28 January 2022