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  • How to Choose a Microscope?

    This article aims to help you to fast and correctly choose an optical microscope. During the purchase process, you will see extensive information, which come in different brands, with prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. So how do we choose a microscope?

    25 March 2022
  • Different Types of Optical Microscopes

    This article will provide detailed classification based on the different characteristics of microscopes.

    01 March 2022
  • How to Calculate the Magnification of a Microscope?

    A microscope is an instrument mainly used to magnify tiny objects for the human eye to see. Optical microscopes can magnify objects upto 3000x (generally is 1000x), and the minimum resolution limit is 0.1 microns.

    28 January 2022
  • What is the Difference between Finite and Infinite Optical System?

    Objectives allow microscopes to provide magnified, real images and are, perhaps, the most complex component in a microscope system because of their multi-element design. Objectives are available with magnifications ranging from 2X – 100X. They are classified into two main categories: the traditional refractive type and reflective. Objectives are mainly used with two optical designs: finite or infinite conjugate designs. In a finite optical design, the light from a spot is focused into another spot with the aid of a couple of optical elements. In an infinite conjugate design, the diverging light from a spot is made parallel.

    12 January 2022
  • Microscope Maintenance and Cleaning

    Microscope is a precise optical instrument, it's very important for routine maintenance as well as operating correctly. Good maintenance can extend the microscope working life and ensure the microscope always in good working condition.

    04 November 2020
  • Instructions for Microscope Cleaning

    Instructions for Microscope Cleaning,This article will help you keep your microscope clean.

    04 November 2020